What is the eBay Blacklist?

Basically, the blacklist is like the bounced check list at the grocery store. These are bad customers.

Here's the full story: I am a brick-and-mortar store owner, and professional online seller (eBay powerseller, Alibris seller, and Amazon pro-merchant).

I'm part of a community of 50-100 ebay power sellers, and we share stories about nightmare buyers ... who only leave negative feedback, who bounce checks or attempt fraudulent credit card chargebacks, habitual deadbeats, etc.

And, all of us had stories of crazy nutjob psychos (and let me tell you, after more than 50,000 online transactions, I've got some crazy stories!). These are people who are mentally unstable, and will cyber-stalk you, will get your personal information and harass you, show up on your doorstep ... just plain scary.

What we found was that many of us got screwed &/or harassed by the SAME people! They were doing it over & over again, to each of us. So we pooled these buyers IDs into a master "eBay Blacklist". If you are an eBay seller and want to protect yourself against nutjobs and deadbeats, it's easy!:

  • Go to:
  • Sign in to your eBay account
  • Cut & Paste the "blacklist" into your "Blocked Bidder List"
  • Now none of these people can bid on your items!

If you are a seller and would like to add deadbeats and crazy buyers to the master list, I appreciate it! You will be doing the world a favor. Here are the criteria:

  • The person must be a deadbeat, or a nightmare customer. If they have a legitimate grievance, such as a dispute over the items condition, or shipping problems, their name does not belong here.
  • You must email us your blocked bidder list AND your seller ID. We will review your account, to make sure you are a legitimate, responsible seller.
  • If you meet the criteria I'll add the names to the list.

Sellers need to protect themselves now more than ever. The economy is bad, and you don't have time for credit card chargebacks, deadbeats, or cyberstalkers. Plus, with the new eBay rules, we cannot leave buyers negative feedback. Additionally, PayPal provides very little protection against petty fraud ... this is a quick, easy, FREE way to protect yourself.


  1. Anonymous22:50

    Is there a way to do this for Amazon?

  2. Anonymous07:11

    joey488 , juustomies 2 more for the list , both won items and refused to pay , cheers

  3. Anonymous08:17

    dvr1951 - Awful buyer.

    Will purchase your item up for auction and then file claim for refunds, making false claims about item.

    Threatens negative feedback, will not try to work anything out and is very rude and degrading. It seems his intent is to purchase items, cause headaches for honest sellers and get items free + full refund. May intentionally damage your item in order to file a claim and win.

  4. Anonymous09:02

    I copied and pasted list and some of the users are no longer registered: Here are the ones that are no longer registered.
    omz1234 : Invalid User Id
    scott962311 : Invalid User Id
    backindadays2005 : Invalid User Id
    balekan : Invalid User Id
    maitre_ninja : Invalid User Id
    marco-tu-es-cuits! : Invalid User Id
    wheelintheditch : Invalid User Id
    prism_usa : Invalid User Id
    noesis_strategy : Invalid User Id
    elenc7134 : Invalid User Id
    dab854 : Invalid User Id
    esnay7 : Invalid User Id
    4xmuns : Invalid User Id
    Is_major : Invalid User Id
    cherryred_2007 : Invalid User Id
    madpuertorican30 : Invalid User Id
    owen1cat : Invalid User Id
    HD_Part : Invalid User Id
    Appboone : Invalid User Id
    Americanclassicmotors : Invalid User Id

  5. There is no way to do this for Amazon.

    However, 2 things - Amazon does occasionally "fire" customers. If you have too many complaints or too many returns, they will cancel your account.

    Second, if you are a seller, you can check the buyer's feedback. Buyers have feedback just like sellers - but it's a function most people are not aware of. If the feedback looks bad, then cancel the order.

  6. Anonymous13:59

    I have just been burned by DVR1951 with negative feedback for a perfectly good item. I reported him to Ebay and will continue to report him until something is done. By the way, this is his information:

    John Roberts
    1112 S. 2nd St.
    Yukon, OK 73099
    B&R Electric
    ph# (405) 354-8994

  7. Anonymous11:49

    bjoshua-us Feedback extortion, stole item from us after eBay refunded $.

  8. Anonymous15:31

    michelle040805 i think is on your list as michel01725 she has regenerated and is a terrible buyer making false claims about the item once she has purchased. I spoke to ebay advised her I had reported her to ebay she then filed a claim through paypal instead I spoke to paypal they closed the case in my favour. Case closed I kept my money - it was a hard slog though. We can beat them!

  9. Anonymous23:18

    tjaine - female seller in singapore

  10. Anonymous19:36

    Deadbeats, bullying emails to lower price/sell outside of Ebay, possible fake profiles:
    jennmajq, softail802, cgraham235, tamezall, martalarse

  11. Anonymous08:08

    Evans..You say to be added to your list.. they must prove the person is a deadbeat...scammer etc...
    So you need to remove the reply posts with user id names. I have a legitimate reason why I left a seller a negative and my user id does not belong on this list.
    This seller
    Lied saying didn't have item because didn't want to sell it so cheap.
    Posted said item just 2 weeks later. (Have proof screen shot of listing)
    Received a negative for the lie.
    Then sent nasty harassing emails for the negative.
    Continued to harass desepate the non-response. Cyber Stalking beyond a whole new level..
    Posted my user id and lies about me on other forums..
    Continues to send emails telling me they are bad mouthing me everywhere.. Then my name now appears in someones blocked list and was posted in reply here obviously retrieved from other forum. How fair is that?
    I am a top rated seller with 100% positive feedback. As a buyer I could care less if my name is here or not because it's your own loss of business should I be choosing to buy from you. But as a seller it is not fair to slander another seller like this. So how do I contact you? Where is your email? Please simply remove the posts with user id names in the replys.

  12. Anonymous08:34

    I've posted a few replies and It's been over two months and the owner of this blog "EVANS" has still not responded to my request to remove some posters slander of my ebay user id on their comments in here. . Guys don't trust this entire list. I had a nightmare seller that was abusive to me and their name should be added here not mine. In a nutshell,. This seller went to another forum and slander me to get back at me because I left them negative feedback after their abusive emails to me. Ebay had to even block them from contacting me any further. I have all of their emails and proof of how abusive they were to me. I've asked already for the owner of this blog to remove the comments yet it still remains here. So basically someone else that visited that other forum copied my user id as well as others and posted it in their comments here as an ebay extorisionist. I am a top rated power seller and have been on ebay for over 10 years with NO problems except for this one seller who is a liar and cyber stalker. This is sicking because now the owner of this blog is basically allowing good peoples names to be slandered without verifying that there name should be posted here. Please note my name is not in their list but in another users reply. I am disgusted that you think you are doing the community good by sharing your experiences on her at the expense of good people. What is your ebay user id? How would you like it if someone did this to you? Other than posting a reply on here. I see no way to contact you to have this post taken off of here. This is just wrong. Having that Ebay photo and using it in the title of this blog makes it appear that you are affiliated with ebay. This is NOT an official ebay blog or site. Please remove.

  13. Anonymous12:19

    racbarri Rachael (Barrington) on Ebay
    --Won an auction that I was selling, a coach purse.
    The purse looked brand new and the photos I posted showed that. A few weeks after she received the purse she requested a return because it was "VERY used". Ebay sided with her. I had to refund her after she sent the purse back to me. A week later I got a box from her by UPS. The box was EMPTY. I opened another case because now she still has my purse and Ebay refunded her from my PayPal account. After several days and lots of time on the phone--Ebay thankfully refunded me. So now, I'm still out for my purse

  14. Anonymous18:05

    I had a guy buy a used shirt from me and leave me a negative stating I had lied about the condition of the shirt and sent him a new one not a used one, that's right he was mad because the shirt I sent him was in too good of shape. I talked to several Ebay phone reps and they all were dumbfounded and had never heard of anything like this, they removed the neg and took my side, and that's rare for them to side with a seller. His user ID is glhtwonine and I'm glad to have him in my block list.

  15. Anonymous23:37

    1111grimsey is a bad eBay buyer.

    Paypal and eBay are investigating the account

  16. Anonymous07:28

    sportshag should be blocked from all sellers lists. She bought 3 items from me, opened cases claiming that they smelled bad (though they had no odor when they were sent or returned and have never had that issue before) and then after refunding the full cost including return shipping cost, she leaves 3 negative feedbacks claiming that she was unable to email me (though all buyers can email sellers for 60 days) and that I deleted the listings from HER purchase history to try to prevent her from leaving feedback, which is impossible and spoke with ebay, who confirmed that is not possible. She is also a seller and any items that she bought, she usually left negative feedback claiming shipping costs were too high or there was a problem with the transaction.

  17. Anonymous07:18

    Is there a contact email or anything to get removed from the list? My username is on the list and i have a 100% rating

  18. amina1913 Just plain crazy. Flipped out and left a negative because she was reminded by ebay to leave feedback. So leaves a negative because she didn't want to be bothered. My first ever negative. Ugh.